Expand your business with high-quality audience data and offer your clients new possibilities of reaching their future customers

Get valuable cookieless data fuel for your platforms to increase targeting reach, discover more insights about users and make reliable decisions

Choose the best data solutions for your business

Audience data

Choose from over 2,000 audience segments we collect from data from over 200 markets to expand your platform’s offer and deliver your clients’ privacy safe and accurate data.

Identity resolution

Make it easy for your customers to reach their target audience on multiple devices with cookieless solution. Offer them an insightful customer view to make informed decisions and create personalized experiences.

Raw data

Give your data science team a fuel that will help you to stay ahead of the competition. Use external raw data, including cookieless data, to fill the gaps in your audience data, build new segments that will attract advertisers or build your own solutions based on data.

How to boost your platform’s growth with audience data?

Get high-quality data collected from over 200 markets globally and scale your business by offering privacy safe audience data and technology.