Raw data from billions of devices for your data science team

Use high-quality raw data to develop new products, enrich your data, and run comprehensive data analysis.

We offer raw data from over 18 billion of global devices, helping data scientists understand user behavior across all devices and extract valuable insights for various industries.

Get raw data.
Accelerate your digital growth

With high-quality raw data that comes from billions of devices worldwide, including cookieless data, you can make reliable analysis, discover upcoming trends or fill your data engines with valuable fuel. Let your data science team get the raw data and explore possibilities of using gathered data signals in various areas of your company’s activity.

Develop New Products and Data Segments

Get access to enormous databases and create from scratch new data-related products and audience segments to identify  insights based on user behavior.


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Fill in Data Gaps to have a full picture

Complete missing data points in user behavior to ensure a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of user needs.


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Capture User Interest and Analyze Data

Leverage data analysis of comprehensive datasets to identify patterns, predict market trends, and adjust strategies for a competitive edge in the market.

Fuel Research with Qualitative Data

High-quality data is essential for both commercial and academic research, driving insights and contributing significantly to industry knowledge.


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We provide raw data from billions of devices across the world to help your business gain advantage of the market. Let’s talk:

  • Optimize Business Operational Efficiency
  • Empower Strategic Decisions in a Data-Driven Landscape
  • Steamline Innovation and Provide a Competitive Edge
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Use Raw Data to Streamline Various Industries Needs

Raw data empowers companies across sectors to extract critical insights, fuel business processes, and overcome challenges in:

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Retail & Ecommerce
  • Telecommunication
  • Technology Companies
  • Research Entities

Our high-quality data is your campaigns’ success

18 B+
50 B+

Get more knowledge about users with raw data

We process raw data from billions of various devices globally. It includes insights into the websites or apps visited by users, time of record, device used, language and many more attributes. Use the raw data to better understand your users and create new segments to maximize your marketing efficiency.

Desktop Raw Data
Mobile Raw Data
CTV Raw Data

Use GDPR and CCPA compliant data

We provide audience data compliant with strict privacy laws. Our raw data is gathered and processed on our data platform, and is GDPR- and CCPA-safe. As a partner of IAB TCF, we collect users’ consents to make sure we can legally process the data.

We support opt-outs, our data solutions are based on Privacy by Design and we use minimum data required during development of our technology.

GDPR & CCPA compliant data
IAB TCF partner
We respect Do-Not-Track headers and Opt-outs

Get the raw data and build your data-based solutions

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