Target your audience across various devices with Identity Graph

Unleash the power of unified data with our cross-device ID Graph and get a holistic customer view from various touchpoints

Target your audiences without cookies using OnAudience ID Graph. We analyze over 18 B devices to help you achieve remarkable outcomes.

We connect the dots.
You get the full customer view

Imagine having the ability to connect an incredibly vast number of dots (data signals) effortlessly. That’s what our ID Graph offers – the means to build an insightful customer view, empowering your business to make informed decisions and create personalized experiences like never before.

Use cross-device targeting

Target your users on every device and reduce ad waste.

Let’s talk about cross-device targeting

Create personalized experience

Know your users better and create ads tailored strictly to their behavioral profile.

Contact us and run hyperpersonalized campaigns

Find your customers

We create profiles on the basis of the most popular IDs, including cookieless data, to find your target audience.

Let’s find your target audience

Analyze billions of data points

Our ID Graph gathers data from over 18 billion devices worldwide. This enables precise targeting and personalized experiences to boost your campaigns’ success.

Get the data about your users

Use privacy safe data

We comply with GDPR and CCPA and our data is processed in compliance with digital market standards to deliver you high quality and privacy safe data.

How does the OnAudience Identity Graph work?

OnAudience ID Graph allows you to find data about users based on almost any kind of ID and connect their data signals from various devices. Finally, you can reach your selected audience with highly personalized ads, which will boost your marketing efficiency.

Reach your target audience with
cookieless solution

Our ID graph helps you target your audience without using cookie IDs and reach them on multiple devices. Leave your email and find out:

  • what users' IDs do we process
  • how to target your audiences on multiple devices
  • how can you better know your users with our data
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Our high-quality data is your campaigns’ success

18 B+
50 B+

Use GDPR and CCPA compliant data

We care about users’ safety and privacy. Our data is GDPR and CCPA compliant. As a partner of IAB TCF, we collect users’ consents to make sure we process the data legally, and we are a partner of trusted privacy-related market initiatives.

GDPR & CCPA compliant data
IAB TCF partner
We respect Do-Not-Track headers and Opt-outs

Use Identity Graph to target real users, not devices

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