Reach your audience with cookieless solutions

Use effective cookieless solutions and find your audience without the support of third-party cookies.

We collect various IDs, collected from billions of devices globally. We are ready to guide you through the cookieless era.

OnAudience Cookieless Solutions

Alternative IDs

With a focus on privacy-safe and high-quality data, our cookieless solutions empower to reach your audience without relying on traditional identifiers.


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OnAudience Graph

Identity Graph aligns first-party cookie data or any accessible ID with other users’ IDs, providing a comprehensive view for a holistic user overview.


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Raw Data

Utilize raw data based on mobile identifiers (MAIDs) as a cookie alternative to gain insights into user behavior and preferences.


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How Do We Support the Cookieless Future

As the digital landscape shifts towards a non-cookie era, we are dedicated to supporting this transition through innovative solutions such:

Alternative IDs
CTV IDs & Mobile IDs
Location-based solutions

What Is Our Approach To The Cookieless Era?

Non-cookie IDs

The majority of our data originates from traffic that does not rely on cookies.

Cookieless solutions

Our operations are already at the forefront of cookieless practices, prioritizing the protection of user privacy.

For whom

Companies of all sizes

We analyze billions of non-cookie IDs globally

18 B+
50 B+
4,5 B+
daily data signals

Looking for Alternative IDs based on cookieless data?

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Achieve Better Results without Comprising User Privacy

Cookieless targeting

Target specific audiences with personalized messaging to increase conversions using non-cookie IDs

  • Reach your target audience with cookieless data
  • Find your audience on various devices
  • Use high-quality and privacy-safe data

Run effective ad campaigns

Continue or improve the efficiency of your advertising campaigns with reliable data

  • Track your users on various devices
  • Reach real users - do not waste your budget on low-quality data

Get the full view of your users

Address obstacles related with data fragmentation with data enrichment solutions

  • Use audience data from over 200 markets worldwide
  • Fill the gaps in your users' profiles with cookieless data
  • Integrate data from various devices and personalize your ads

Respect and commitment to user privacy in the cookieless world

OnAudience ensures user safety and data privacy while providing cookieless solutions. We follow data privacy regulations:

GDPR & CCPA compliant data
IAB TCF 2.2 partner
ePrivacy Directive

Leverage our non-cookie solutions to adapt to the evolving cookieless landscape effectively

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