Global data provider.

We fuel digital campaigns and business solutions through high quality data with global reach
Use high-quality data to
deliver personalized ads
build custom segments
target your audience
analyze online behaviour
reach users on many devices
deliver personalized ads
build custom segments
target your audience
analyze online behaviour
reach users on many devices

Our high-quality data is your campaigns’ success

18 B+
50 B+

Enrich your data and build own data-based solutions

  • Build custom data segments
  • Enrich CRM data
  • Run personalized campaigns
  • Test out effective retargeting
  • Create unique data sets
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Find the right target group for your campaign

  • Access cookieless data
  • Create custom segments
  • Find audiences across various devices
  • Get look-alike audiences
  • Reach the right audiences
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Target your customers with cookieless solution

  • Get accurate ID matching by using a database with over 50B profiles
  • Deliver relevant ads across different devices
  • Understand customers and their behaviors
  • Reduce ad waste by effective targeting
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We partner with international brands

Trusted partner that delivers data from 200+ markets

Efficient technology
our technological platform processes data from billions of devices across the world
High-quality data
we provide verified data that undergoes rigorous quality checks regularly
Own data science team
our team helps you in preparing specific data sets that meet your business needs

We process data globally.
North American and European markets are our main focus

Privacy-safe & GDPR-compliant data for reaching your new clients

We follow the best market standards (Transparency & Consent Framework by IAB)
We comply with GDPR & CCPA

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OnAudience plays a pivotal role in empowering the Microsoft Advertising platform through a global scale of high-quality data. This strategic collaboration has enabled our customers to seamlessly connect with their desired target audiences, resulting in maximizing campaign outcomes and remarkable performance metrics. With an unwavering commitment to professionalism, the OnAudience team tailors a personalized approach to every case, ensuring optimal results and unparalleled client satisfaction.

Fons Schuurmans
Partner Manager
Microsoft Advertising

OnAudience’s data-driven approach has been invaluable to PubMatic as we build deep partnerships with the world’s largest brands, agencies, and DSPs. OnAudience high-quality & custom audience segments help us showcase our industry-leading scale and efficiency, and to activate custom auction packages.

Mark Williams
Senior Director, Audience Solutions, EMEA

We were looking for a reliable data provider who delivers specific audience data to fuel online campaigns. The OnAudience team proved to be a great choice due to their exceptional customer service, quick response time, and attention to detail. They seamlessly provided us high-quality, scalable audiences for our campaigns

Konstantin von Wedel
Agency & Client Strategy Manager

OnAudience have been a great partner to Intuizi since the early stages of our business – we have worked with them in a variety of ways, have problem-solved and experimented together to find innovative, creative and different solutions, and look forward to continuing that relationship over time

Dave Katz

We have been happy OnAudience customers for a handful of years now because of their global coverage and ability to get the things we need done quicker than anybody else.

Kasper Skou

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