Alternative data that will give you valuable business insights

Get data from 18 billion devices globally to obtain market intelligence and make profits from online behavior insights

Discover early signals that will help you grow your business with data analyzed from over 200 markets globally

Be the first to know.
Get insights from data from over 18 billion devices globally

Analyze sentiment

Know the emotional tone of the messages connected with a specific keyword. Analyze the attitude of users to make data-driven business choices.

Monitor online behavior

Look beyond traditional analytics. Discover users’ moves to make the right business or investment decisions.

Track market trends

Check popularity of topics of interest across time and make profits from knowledge from early signals.

Get alternative data and gain market intelligence

Alternative data collected from nontraditional sources gives companies additional knowledge based on users’ behavior. We collect the data from the web traffic across 200 markets globally

Web traffic globally
Monitoring online users’ behavior
Analyzing keywords and sentiment

Data tailored to your business needs

Keyword feed

Receive data filtered by a specific keyword

Website traffic feed

Access data that shows visited URLs and captures users' activity online

For whom

Brokerage firms
Consulting companies
Research agencies
AI & analytics platforms
Social listening firms

Global scale of data analyzed

18 B+
50 B+
60 B+
daily data

Let’s talk about using alternative data to help your business grow

Use our data gathered from over 200 markets to look deeper into consumers’ behaviour and early signals of upcoming market trends. Let’s connect and talk!

  • extend your market monitoring with high-quality data gathered globally
  • discover market trends that will help you make better decisions
  • monitor keyword popularity across time
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Check how alternative data can help you improve your business

Analyzing sentiment to develop financial indicators and improve portfolio performance

Our data offers valuable support to companies from the financial sector. Using alternative data helps in:

  • completing technical analysis,
  • fueling development of predictive indicators for price movements,
  • facilitating investment decisions, e.g. in the cryptocurrency market,
  • enhancing accuracy in trading signals and boosting portfolio performance by integrating sentiment analysis.

Monitoring trends and sentiment for stock market companies

Alternative data can be used to enhance your investment services by using market intelligence:

  • display popularity and check sentiment about various companies
  • gain new insights about selected firms
  • make better data-driven decisions and empower your active trading strategies

Broadening social listening with open internet data

For companies that develop expertise in social listening and media monitoring, alternative data is a valuable source of information which allows to:

  • analyze brand mentions and sentiment
  • enhance social media insights
  • provide a more accurate brand reputation assessment

Use GDPR and CCPA compliant data

We care about users’ safety and privacy. Our data is GDPR and CCPA compliant. As a partner of IAB TCF, we collect users’ consents to make sure we process the data legally, and we are a partner of trusted privacy-related market initiatives.

GDPR & CCPA compliant data
IAB TCF partner
We respect Do-Not-Track headers and Opt-outs

Use data to discover market trends and make better decisions

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