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What is Behavioral Marketing? How does it work?

11th August 2020

Topic: Data Exchange, Programmatic
  • What is Behavioral Marketing?
  • What Are the Benefits of Behavioral Marketing?
  • How does Behavioral Marketing work?
  • Using OnAudience data in behavioral marketing


Behavioral marketing is a method that base on data and marketers prefer to use it for their targeting campaigns as it increases sales revenue as well as brand awareness. According to McKinsey, organizations that use audience data outperform their competitors by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margins. They receive higher results due to the tailored approach that behavioral marketing leads to together with audience data having as a fuel.

What is Behavioral Marketing?

Behavioral marketing is the method that bases on different kind of data like human behavior, interests, intentions, geolocation, and other metrics using web analytics, cookies, customer journey, search history, and many other possible insights. Gathered users’ characteristics help to build successful and much efficient targeting campaigns because the delivered ads are highly relevant for every target user.

You can use the Demand-Side Platform (DSP) or Data Management Platform (DMP) to start running targeting campaigns and explore their results. OnAudience DMP allows storing data for specific business ideas, organize it, and activate on sales platforms, such as Adform, DV360 or The Trade Desk or AppNexus. After storing data and creating segments, you can automatically generate Audience Reports to take optimization changes in your behavioral campaign targeted at a specific group. Due to real-time analytics, they can be applied instantly.

What segments you can use to reach your target group?

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What Are the Benefits of Behavioral Marketing?

Multiple benefits of behavioral marketing encourage marketers worldwide to choose this method on a daily basis of their marketing routine. Furthermore, customers are motivated to share information to help marketers improve their targeting campaign, because they are happier with tailored ads rather than with irrelevant ads. To learn more about personalized campaigns check our another article: how to create a personalized campaign.

Now you are good to go to get the benefits of behavioral marketing, such as:

1. Improved user engagement

Tailored ads to the current users’ interests, demography or purchase intentions are extremely appreciated by the users so that they will stay with you longer.

You can exclude the details that the user always skip and lead him straight to the page he is looking for. Some users like to read more before the purchase, so with behavioral marketing you can be ready for this query by putting additional info into the respective product section. Also, thanks to this approach, your final CTR will be much higher.

To check the results of data-driven campaigns, check our Case Studies.

2. Fast buying journey

You can analyze past search results and come to the user with a proposal that might fulfill his wishes right away. Accurate suggestions can simplify and speed up his buying process by including only options that were chosen by the user most frequently.

3. Predicted future expectations

Having analyzed user’s attributes, you can see the tendencies of their behavior. Big Data analysis provides extremely accurate and detailed results so that marketers are able to predict future customer expectations. This way they can plan their targeting campaign upfront for the next couple of months.

How does Behavioral Marketing work?

You can start from collecting detailed data from your web spaces by implementing a dedicated pixel within the source code. Logical statements that you include in your pixel make a decision about every visitor – does he or doesn’t meet your requirements? AI algorithms, which are built within a data provider keep count and detailed characteristics of the users who do match your criteria.

If you don’t want to start your campaign from scratch, you can buy audience data from channels, which specialize in data collecting and managing and already did a job for you. Dedicated platforms, like Audience Data Marketplace or Display-Side Platform (DSP) allow buying data for various business needs. Learn more about how to buy audience data from our blog.

Having audience data in your pocket, you can build a data strategy that would match your target audience with relevant ads to them. Mobile, desktop channel, or both, behavioral marketing allows reaching target users that use different devices.

Using OnAudience data in behavioral marketing

As an owner of the largest database of audience data in Europe, is one of the world’s largest data providers which offer packed audience segments (1,200+ segments) and distributes them within the most popular DSPs.

Marketers can easily find and use our segments to target their target group tailoring the message to their online behaviour. You can instantly use our data which is:

  • GDPR-compliant
  • Accurate & up-to-date (confirmed by Nielsen DAR standard)
  • Divided into 1,200+ predefined segments and includes 27 billion user profiles

View available audience segments

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