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How to Reach Sport Fans during Euro and Olympics 2024?

28th May 2024

Topic: Audience data, Custom Data, Data
  • Understanding User Interest & behavior during Sports Events
  • Utilizing fan data for campaign optimization
  • What were the key learnings from the analysis? 
  • Ad Spending Related to Euro 2024 and Olympics
  • Opportunities for Euro 2024 and Olympics 
  • Custom Audience Segmentation Strategies

Getting into user interests and behaviors during major sporting events is crucial for optimizing programmatic advertising campaigns, especially with the upcoming Euro 2024 and Olympics on the horizon. 

Leveraging insights from past events provides a strategic advantage in reaching and engaging sports fans effectively. Learn more about it from this blog post. 

Understanding User Interest & behavior during Sports Events

During past major sports events, user insights behavior has shown a clear correlation with online activities related to travel, ticket purchases, and consumer behaviors.

The impact of events like Olympics, and Euro 2024 on user interests and purchase intent has been substantial.

We have prepared an example list of audience segments: 

Events: Sports Events: UEFA Euro

  • Euro 2024 Ticket Buyers
  • UEFA Euro > Euro 2024 Merchandise Shoppers
  • UEFA Euro > Euro 2024 Streaming Viewers
  • EEuro 2024 Fan Zone Visitors

Events: Sports Events: Summer Olympics

  • Olympic 2024 Ticket Buyers
  • Olympic 2024 Merchandise Shoppers
  • Olympic 2024 Streaming Viewers
  • Olympic 2024 Host City Travelers
  • Olympic 2024 Fitness Enthusiasts

Check it out here and reach your target audience in programmatic campaigns: 


Get a full list of segments

Utilizing fan data for campaign optimization

The OnAudience data scientist team conducted an analysis of online user behavior during the World Cup 2022, uncovering compelling insights that can revolutionize campaign strategies for next sports events such as Olympics 2024 and Euro 2024. 

The analysis revealed a direct correlation between the interest in soccer and the surge in demand for flight tickets, particularly in countries such as Argentina and Morocco.

Fans exhibited a rapid increase in the desire to purchase tickets for their team’s matches, irrespective of the cost, signaling a lucrative opportunity for airlines and travel agencies.

What were the key learnings from the analysis? 

Particularly in countries such as Argentina and Morocco, the passion for soccer ignited a remarkable surge in the interest for flight tickets. 

  • Fans, driven by an unwavering desire to witness their team’s matches, displayed a remarkable willingness to secure tickets, regardless of the associated costs. 
  • After captivating matches like Morocco vs. Spain, the interest in flight tickets soared by an astounding 50%, presenting a substantial opportunity for airlines and travel agencies to strategically target soccer enthusiasts. 
  • The data further underscores the staggering growth of 550% in flight ticket interest in Morocco and 50% in Argentina in comparison to pre-World Cup levels, signifying a profound link between soccer fervor and travel aspirations. 

This insightful analysis illuminates the exceptional surge in soccer and flight ticket interest during the world’s premier sporting event, offering valuable insights for industries seeking to leverage the fervent spirit of global football competitions.

Ad Spending Related to Euro 2024 and Olympics

The advertising related to Euro 2024 and the Olympics is expected to experience a temporary spike in spending.

  • Temporary growth for Advertising Channels: The 2024 election and Paris Olympics are anticipated to temporarily prop up other advertising channels, such as linear TV, as advertisers continue to reallocate their spend from traditional channels towards new media channels like podcasts, digital out-of-home, and programmatic space of digital video and streaming. 
  • Impact on Traditional Ad Spending: Better macroeconomic conditions, the Summer Olympics, UEFA Euro 2024, and increased political ad spending, mainly in the US, are expected to combine to bring traditional ad spending momentarily out of the doldrums. 

Digital vs Traditional Ad Spend Growth Worldwide, 2022-2027 1

  • Expected Growth: A recent Dentsu study projected that the top twelve global markets will increase their advertising spend as a percentage of GDP by 13% in 2024, showing that advertising spend will grow beyond macroeconomic growth.

Ad Spend YOY Growth by Channel 1

The Euro 2024 and Olympics are expected to have a notable impact on advertising spending, leading to a temporary increase in ad spending across various channels, particularly traditional ones, as well as in top global markets.

Opportunities for Euro 2024 and Olympics 

The upcoming Euro 2024 and Olympics present a prime opportunity for companies and agencies to tap into the fervent enthusiasm of sports fans, leveraging past insights to drive engaging and strategic programmatic advertising campaigns.

  • The exceptional surge in flight ticket interest during past sporting events provides an opportunity for companies and agencies to leverage the fervent spirit of sports fans in future programmatic advertising campaigns.
  • The desire of fans to secure tickets, regardless of associated costs, emphasizes the immense potential for strategic audience targeting.
  • By campaign messaging with real-time sporting events, brands can capture the excitement of highly-watched tournaments, driving engagement and brand awareness among passionate sports enthusiasts.

Custom Audience Segmentation Strategies

OnAudience’s audience data enables the creation of custom audience segments specifically tailored to the interests of sports fans. The ability to identify and target users showing high engagement with specific sporting events and related consumer activities empowers agencies to optimize their advertising strategies effectively.

  • Creating Tailored Audience Segments: We demonstrate how our user data can be utilized to create custom audience segments that align with the unique interests and behaviors of sports fans during major events, ensuring precise targeting and enhanced engagement.
  • Targeting User Engagement: By leveraging our user fans data, agencies can effectively target users showing high engagement with specific sporting events, thereby maximizing the impact of their advertising efforts and increasing conversions.

Test OnAudience Sport Fans Data in your Programmatic Campaigns 

Get access to Sport Fans Audiences

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