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CTV Audience Data – reach online TV users

21st April 2022

Topic: CTV, Programmatic
  • Connected TV Advertising market
  • CTV Audience Data and OTT Audience Data - definitions
  • How to start targeting Connected TV audiences
  • CTV Audiences - examples
  • Nearly 0,5 billion profiles of CTV users in the TOP 10 largest markets

Connected TV is gaining more popularity than ever. There are 183.5 Million Connected TV viewers in the US and this number is growing steadily. With such a huge number of users, the advertising opportunities are also hopeful. In 2021 US advertisers spent $14.44 billion on CTV, an increase of 59.9% over 2020. See how you can capitalize on the growing demand for CTV Audience Data and learn how to reach specific users with your ad.

Connected TV Advertising market

Connected TV market is on fire. The data shows that in 2019 the number of Smart TV’s and OTT devices exceeded 1 billion. Also the time spent using Connected TV is constantly extending. According to Nielsen the time with CTV devices was up 81% year over year. That increase equates to nearly 4 billion hours of CTV use per week.
It gives you plenty of time to reach the right audience with your advertising.

How to reach CTV audiences?

In traditional television, all viewers see the same commercials. However, thanks to the devices that support video content streaming and streaming services we are able to use software that automates the buying and selling process. The programmatic CTV advertising enables greater targeting capabilities for instance by using segments tailored for your audience.

What CTV segments you can use to reach your target group?

Access our CTV taxonomy

CTV Audience Data and OTT Audience Data – definitions

Users, who consume video content daily, can be divided into 2 groups. Firstly, there are users who use Over-The-Top (OTT) service. The other group streams via Connected TV.

OTT is a service whose primary purpose is to deliver content. When using OTT, users don’t need to pay a TV cable company to watch content, as most of it is accessible through the internet. An example of such a service is: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime.

CTV is a device that broadcasts content via the Internet. CTVs therefore include OTT devices which are connected to traditional TVs, enabling the TV now being able to connect to the Internet. An example of such a service is: Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV.

Both technologies complement and correlate with each other. However, only the combination of data from both sources provides a starting point for effective user targeting. At OnAudience, we collect both CTV and OTT audience data users to prepare segments and raw data streams for effective targeting.

How to start targeting Connected TV audiences

To reach the right group of people, the right resources must be implemented. When operating globally, it is recommended to use economies of scale, which is supported by the programmatic model. Follow this steps and start Targeting Connected TV Audiences:

1. Find a reliable CTV data provider

Make sure your data provider has access to suitable technology, which can gather the CTV Audience Data.

2. Select what types of data are you interested in 

You can choose, which data would you like to add to your database:

  • CTV 
  • OTT 

There is also variety in delivering data: 

  • Raw Data Stream – You will receive raw data that has been extracted from the user’s browser behavior. We provide you with bundleID and appName, which could be customized for your campaign needs.
  • Segments – You will receive ready-made segments created from CTV Audience Data and tailored to your target group with specific attributes, such as age, gender, interests or purchase intentions.

3. How do you want to reach your audience? 

Data can but doesn’t have to be used directly into DSP. That is why you can manually categorize raw data to suit your needs. However, if you want to, the data provider can provide you with ready-made segments to implement straight into DSP. 

Besides, you should describe your data needs in detail: 

  • Where do you want to receive data?
  • In what format do you want to receive data? 
  • Would you like to get only user IDs and segments or should we extend it to the last and first activity as well? 
  • How often would you like to receive data – once, daily, weekly, monthly etc.?

4.  Monitor campaign progress and optimize actions

After launching your campaign, it is an asset to optimize your actions. Find an adequate service or platform to evaluate your strategy and implement corrective actions. 

CTV Audiences – examples

There could be as many CTV segments as many users. However, in OnAudience we managed to create unique segments based on our brand taxonomy. This typology contains individual categories such as:

  • Network (ABC, FOX, AMC)
  • Genre (Cooking, Travel, Science)
  • VOD (Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max)

You can get access to data by Raw Data Stream and create segments manually or we can provide you with pre-made segments. Additionally, we created over 120 ready-to-go segments, which contain millions of profiles. 

Nearly 0,5 billion profiles of CTV users in the TOP 10 largest markets

OnAudience is one of the biggest data providers in the world. We gather an elusive amount of user-profiles, including CTV users. Our data covers 200 markets with a globally unified taxonomy and comes from various countries like the USA, Australia, Germany and many more. In addition, we provide high-quality data in compliance with GDPR

  • Legal analyses confirmed compliance of our products with the GDPR
  • The high quality of our data is confirmed by Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings
  • We process data in compliance with Transparency & Consent Framework 2.0 

To get the most out of your campaign, choose wisely your CTV Audience Data. Check how we can enrich your database and what benefits can you expect from Audience Data.

Check out our CTV audience data!

Access our CTV taxonomy


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