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Navigate the Cookieless Era with Mobile IDs in Programmatic Advertising

27th February 2024

Topic: Audience data, Cookieless Advertising, Cookieless Solutions, Mobile IDs
  • What are Mobile IDs (MAIDs)? 
  • The Role of Mobile IDs (MAIDs) in Programmatic Advertising
  • Benefits of Mobile IDs for Effective Targeting
  • Crafting Effective Mobile ID-Based Targeting Strategies
  • Leverage Mobile IDs (MAIDs) to Maintain Campaign Effectiveness in the Cookieless Era

The digital advertising landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by the demise of third-party cookies and the ascent of stringent privacy regulations. For years, third-party cookies have been instrumental in tracking user behavior and enabling targeted advertising. However, with growing user concerns over privacy and the era of ubiquitous third-party cookies is drawing to a close.

On January 4th, 2024, Google initiated the strategic testing phase by blocking third-party cookies for 1% of Google Chrome users, with an overarching plan to extend this restriction to 100% of users from the third quarter of 2024.

This seismic shift has left marketers and advertisers grappling with the urgent need to use alternative identification methods that align with evolving privacy standards.

What are Mobile IDs (MAIDs)? 

Mobile IDs, also known as Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs), are unique, user-resettable identification codes assigned to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These IDs are primarily utilized in the realm of mobile advertising and analytics to track user interactions, deliver targeted advertisements, and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns across various mobile applications. 

Test out MAIDs in your campaigns

Unlike traditional cookies used in web browsers, Mobile IDs are specifically designed for the mobile environment, offering persistent identification capabilities that enable advertisers to gain deeper insights into user behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns within the mobile ecosystem. 

  • Google Advertising ID (GAID) serves as a distinctive marker enabling the gathering of insights into the behavioral patterns of individual mobile users. Specifically designed for mobile apps operating on the Android platform, GAID empowers advertisers to tailor personalized advertisements to Android users, leveraging their mobile interactions to enhance targeting precision and engagement.
  • Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) is a unique, randomized identifier allocated by Apple to each user’s device, facilitating user tracking and identification through an anonymous numerical code. This mechanism enables marketers to deliver personalized advertisements to mobile users, thereby refining audience targeting and engagement strategies based on user-specific attributes and activities.

Mobile IDs play a crucial role in facilitating personalized and contextually relevant advertising experiences while adhering to privacy regulations and user consent frameworks, thereby serving as a fundamental pillar for effective mobile marketing strategies.

The Role of Mobile IDs (MAIDs) in Programmatic Advertising

In the realm of programmatic advertising, mobile IDs play a pivotal role in enabling advertisers to precisely target their desired audiences. By leveraging the granular targeting capabilities of mobile IDs, advertisers can tailor their ad content based on specific user behaviors, app preferences, and demographic information associated with each mobile ID. This level of precision allows for the delivery of hyper-personalized and contextually relevant ad experiences, driving higher engagement and conversion rates. 

Additionally, mobile IDs facilitate improved ad campaign performance by offering accurate attribution, efficient retargeting, and seamless cross-device tracking, ultimately contributing to the overall success of programmatic advertising initiatives.

Provide your Audience with Hyper-Personalized Experience

Benefits of Mobile IDs for Effective Targeting

The adoption of Mobile IDs for cookieless targeting purposes presents a wealth of advantages that cater to the evolving needs of advertisers in a privacy-conscious environment. By leveraging Mobile IDs, advertisers can unlock a range of benefits that enhance their ability to engage with users effectively and responsibly.\


1. Audience Segmentation

MAIDs enable robust audience segmentation based on app usage patterns, demographics, and relevant attributes. This granular segmentation empowers advertisers to target specific user cohorts with tailored messaging, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of their advertising efforts.

2. Persistent Identification

Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) offer a more stable solution for identifying and targeting users across mobile devices compared to traditional cookies. Cookies, which can easily be deleted by users or expire after a set period, often lead to inconsistencies in tracking and targeting efforts. In contrast, MAIDs are tied to a user’s device, making them less prone to removal and offering a longer-lasting method for recognizing and reaching audiences. 

3. Enhanced User Engagement

Mobile IDs allow for the delivery of personalized and contextually relevant ads, fostering higher levels of user engagement. Advertisers can align messaging and creative content with users’ interests and behaviors, increasing the likelihood of capturing their attention and driving meaningful interactions.

4. Cross-Device Targeting

Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) significantly enhance advertisers’ ability to track user behavior and preferences across various devices, providing a holistic view of mobile user engagement. This capability allows advertisers to gather detailed insights into a user’s interactions, preferences, and habits as they navigate through multiple environments. The cross-device tracking enabled by MAIDs, is invaluable for creating a unified user profile, leading to improved targeting accuracy and ultimately, higher campaign performance.

5. Precise Attribution

Mobile IDs facilitate precise attribution of ad interactions and conversions, enabling advertisers to measure campaign effectiveness with greater precision. This capability provides insights into the impact of ad exposures on user actions, informing optimization strategies and maximizing the return on advertising investment.

6. Optimized Ad Frequency

MAIDs enable effective management of ad frequency, preventing ad fatigue by controlling the number of times an ad is displayed to a specific user. This contributes to a positive user experience and improved campaign performance by avoiding overwhelming users with repetitive or irrelevant ads.

7. Privacy Compliance

MAIDs adhere to stringent privacy regulations, handling user data responsibly and transparently. By incorporating robust privacy compliance measures, such as user consent mechanisms and data encryption protocols, MAIDs prioritize the ethical and lawful use of mobile user data in advertising and analytics, fostering trust between users and advertisers.

Overall, embracing Mobile IDs for targeting purposes unlocks a myriad of benefits that empower advertisers to navigate the cookieless era with confidence, precision, and respect for user privacy.

Crafting Effective Mobile ID-Based Targeting Strategies

Mobile IDs are instrumental in programmatic advertising, offering precise audience targeting and personalized ad experiences to enhance campaign performance. By leveraging the capabilities of Mobile IDs, businesses can implement strategies such as custom audience segmentation, contextual targeting, personalized retargeting, and cross-device targeting to deliver tailored and relevant advertisements. Mobile IDs enable granular targeting and location-based targeting, allowing for hyper-localized ad delivery. 

Additionally, they facilitate the delivery of personalized ad content based on user behavior and preferences, while also enabling dynamic creative optimization. With improved attribution and efficient retargeting, Mobile IDs offer advertisers a comprehensive view of user engagement across devices, ultimately driving more effective ad campaigns and ROI.

Leverage Mobile IDs (MAIDs) to Maintain Campaign Effectiveness in the Cookieless Era

In the rapidly evolving digital advertising landscape, Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) emerge as one of the solutions for navigating the cookieless era. These unique identifiers, tied to individual mobile devices, offer a suite of advantages over traditional cookies, including robust audience segmentation, persistent identification, enhanced user engagement, cross-device targeting, precise attribution, optimized ad frequency, and adherence to privacy regulations.

Incorporating Mobile IDs into programmatic advertising strategies enables advertisers to craft more accurate and effective campaigns. This approach guarantees a higher degree of precision in user engagement and measurements across devices and driving improved performance and ROI for ad campaigns. With OnAudience’s expertise and commitment to privacy compliance, businesses can confidently leverage the power of Mobile IDs to achieve their advertising objectives in a cookieless world.

Navigate through the cookieless Era with MAIDs

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