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Top 5 Challenges Companies Face When Reaching Target Audiences

15th May 2024

Topic: Audience data, CTV, Data, Mobile IDs
  • Identify the Right Target Audience
  • Choose the Proper Devices and Channels 
  • Personalize & Hyperpesonalize Experiences
  • Ensure Data Privacy and Compliance
  • Measure and Optimize Campaign Performance
  • Effective Audience Reach with OnAudience

In today’s multi-device world, where people seamlessly switch between laptops, computers, mobile devices, and connected TV devices, understanding and engaging with target audiences has become both crucial and challenging for companies across the globe.

Whether you’re a small startup or a multinational corporation, comprehending and addressing these challenges is essential for achieving marketing success.

Here, we’ll explore some of the top challenges companies face when reaching their target audiences in this multi-device landscape and provide insights on how to overcome them.

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Identify the Right Target Audience

The rapid evolution of digital technologies has ushered in a dynamic shift in consumer preferences and behaviors, compelling companies to adapt and anticipate these changes to connect with their audiences and address effectively challenges such as: 

  • Dynamic shift in consumer preferences and behaviors.
  • Knowledge of consumer interests and intents.
  • Analysis of consumer insights and overall needs.

By harnessing the power of data, companies embark on a journey of discovery, unearthing actionable insights that form the bedrock for tailoring marketing strategies via over 2,000 audience segments.

Check high-quality audience data

Choose the Proper Devices and Channels 

The multitude of devices available today provides advertisers and companies with tremendous opportunities and possibilities.

Choosing the right devices on which the user is most likely to interact with your offering is one of the most important factors of a successful campaign. This may be related to the user’s age, attention span, and comfort. 

Factors such as the user’s preferred device, whether it’s a: 

  • computer (PC), 
  • laptop, 
  • mobile, 
  • connected TV (CTV), can significantly impact the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. 


Additionally, understanding the impact of device choice on the size and format of your ad is crucial, so it’s essential to choose wisely to optimize engagement and reach your target audience effectively.

Choose the right devices

Personalize & Hyperpesonalize Experiences

The more personalized message, the bigger the chance to connect effectively with the user and encourage them to take action. Delivering personalized content and messages at scale presents a significant challenge for companies. Balancing the need for personalization with the practicalities of reaching a large and diverse audience can be daunting.

How can companies and advertisers create offerings and content customized to specific customer groups, or even personalize offerings to individual customers?

To prepare an offering or content tailored to a group of customers, or hyperpersonalize offerings for specific customers, companies and advertisers can leverage high-quality data, their own data and raw data. 

By using first-party data enriched with additional data they can gain a comprehensive overview of their customers and uncover their interests across various websites and devices. 

This in-depth understanding allows for the creation of highly targeted and personalized offerings that resonate with the specific preferences and behaviors of their audience.

Ensure Data Privacy and Compliance

With the increasing emphasis on data privacy and regulations, companies face the challenge of navigating a complex landscape of compliance requirements while still harnessing the power of data to reach their target audiences. If you are looking for a data provider, make sure it complies with the following standards: 

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)
  • TFC 2.2 (Transparency and Consent Framework 2.2)
  • Non-Tracking Headers
  • Support of Opt-Out Mechanism

Measure and Optimize Campaign Performance

Measuring and optimizing campaign performance is an ongoing challenge for companies. Without reliable and truthful data, companies may encounter difficulties in comprehending what resonates with their target audiences and refining their strategies accordingly.

Having own first-party data that can be enriched, or high-quality audience data from a trustworthy provider, may significantly impact the way you measure and understand campaign performance and boost your advertising efforts. 

Check high-quality audience data

Effective Audience Reach with OnAudience

In the pursuit of overcoming these challenges, companies can benefit from partnering with a global data provider like OnAudience. 

By leveraging OnAudience’s advanced data solutions, companies can gain access to high-quality audience data to: 

  • Reach target audience at scale 
  • Enable understanding of user needs and wants, 
  • Engage with the right users effectively
  • Boost campaign performance and streamline analytics 

If you are looking to address these problems: 


  • Finding the right target audience
  • Choosing proper devices and channels 
  • Ensure Data Privacy and Compliance
  • Measure and Optimize Campaign Performance


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