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5 benefits of ID Graph – cookieless alternative

29th September 2022

Topic: Cross-Device ID management
  • What is an ID Graph?
  • 5 benefits of ID Graph usage
  • Cross device targeting solution - for whom?
  • OnAudience Graph 

13 billion devices are connected to the Internet. By 2025 this number will grow to 19 billion. The growth rate is expected to gain momentum in the coming years.  On average, a user uses three independent devices that have access to the Internet. In such a situation, marketers, advertisers and publishers debate how to reach the users and establish a relationship with them. What is more, ID Graph enables anonymous identification of the desktop users and their additional devices like a phone or tablet. Thanks to this, we can obtain information not only from one device but from each device they use. 

What’s more, some of the provided solutions also offer ID matching. It allows marketers to target their audience without using cookies. For instance, it is based on multiple identifiers, such as CTV IDs or mobile IDs. Thanks to this diversity, the solution will work well even after Google withdraws 3rd party cookies.

What is an ID Graph?

Firstly, it is a database that creates connections between potential devices of one user. It contains necessary information about online activity and any information that allows better identification of online activity. Thanks to such a graph, we can learn about demographic, geographic, behavioural and purchasing data.

The graph can be created based on various IDs, e.g. CTV, Public IDs or mobile. Analysis and pairing of IDs create a complete picture of internet habits. This type of user information acquisition allows us to increase audience reach. With the new information, we can empower better personalization of the offered content. The more personal nature of the content increases conversions and the feeling of brand loyalty. 88 percent of marketers saw an increase in sales after implementing audience targeting. 

Check how to use ID Data

5 benefits of ID Graph usage

ID Graph allows you to expand your existing targeting and measurement efforts. Reaching, targeting and engaging the same user on multiple devices and platforms is possible through cross-device and ID graph targeting. Here are 5 core benefits of using ID Graph: 


       1.Reduction of ad waste

ID Graph gathers information from multiple sources. As a result, the ads offered are more tailored to the interests, intentions or tastes of the recipient. Effective user targeting allows us to deliver relevant content to increase conversions and reduce ad waste.  


       2. A better understanding of customers

Information is collected through multiple sources making the user’s picture multi-dimensional. With the data obtained, we can improve interactions between potential customers and the company. Knowing your audience will enable you to connect with them, resulting in higher conversions. 


       3.Turning to a cookie-free future

The variety of data collected makes it easy to replace 3rd party cookies without losing the quality of the information obtained. The multidimensionality that ID Graph provides allows you to analyze multiple alternatives to cookies, such as Public ID, MAIDs and CTV ID. 


         4.Up-to-date data

Using ID Graph, we can continuously monitor users’ activities. New activities are automatically added to the existing graph so that the information does not lose its relevance. By constantly updating their strategy, they can adapt their content or ads to new results. 


          5.Master the Attribution

Often the activities of an individual user are spread across multiple devices. The path from an interest in a product to purchase can lead through multiple channels and ID Graph allows you to track the entire process. Understanding this customer journey is invaluable information for marketers, as it leads to smarter planning and optimization.

Cross device targeting solution – for whom?

Due to the broad applicability of the technology, ID Graph can be used in many specialisms. However, its main applications are dedicated to:

  • marketers
  • publishers
  • advertisers


Each of these groups can use ID Graph in a different way, mainly improving the results of their work. The main advantage of ID Graph is simple data management. Therefore, any company that has a data science team can benefit from the solution. 


Below you will find a list of some of the types of companies for which ID Graph was created :  

  • companies with own data science team
  • data providers & distributors
  • ad agencies, media houses 
  • business intelligence agencies that work on DSPs

Test out ID Graph

OnAudience Graph 

OnAudience is one of the world’s largest programmatic data providers – its database consists of more than 50 billion profiles. With such a large and diverse resource through our data exchange, effective cross-device and ID graph targeting is possible. Thus enabling the creation of products and strategies that reach, target and engage the same user across multiple devices and platforms.

The key advantages of our OnAudience Graph that are crucial for digital marketers and data science teams are:

  • Big scale – our Data Exchange consists of many long-term partnerships with global data companies, so we use a large base of IDs, including Public IDs, CTV IDs and MAIDs, to match target audiences with data from other databases
  • We operate on the most popular and the most important IDs on the data market, whilst remaining ID agnostic
  • Proprietary DMP technology – we use our own DMP, which is fast, efficient, and is not generating additional costs, e.g. licensing cost

Available pairing

How does the OnAudience Graph process work?

Supply us with the identifiers you’d like to match. OnAudience will provide you with a feed of the user IDs pairings of your choice.

Available ID pairings:


– Cookie ID


– Public ID


There are many possibilities that OnAudience Graph provides. Firstly, it is multifunctional and works on many levels, so you can customize its capabilities to suit your needs. Moreover, it is not dependent on one type of data, so its operation is timeless. What is more, it does not rely solely on 3rd party cookies, so it does not restrict the activities of entrepreneurs. If you would like to see how OnAudience Graph works, please contact us via our form.  

Target audience across various devices

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