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How to Choose a Device Graph Vendor (+ Top Providers)

Topic: Cross-Device ID management
  • What is an ID graph?
  • What are the top device graph companies?
  • How to choose the best device graph vendor?


To deliver a truly personalized experience, marketers need to reach users no matter how many devices they use. Identifying a user, even if he or she uses three or more devices, like a laptop, smartphone, and desktop makes it possible to guarantee the best advertising experience and leads to impressive marketing results. How do you pick the best device graph providers, and what aspects should you take into consideration while choosing the right company?

What is an ID graph?

A device graph (a.k.a. identity management) can be called a map that identifies which users use which devices. For example, an ID graph will show you that User X uses not only a desktop but also an iPhone and iPad. It gives you a completely new perspective in analysing customer journeys and it opens new ways to design truly effective ad strategies based on online behaviour and used devices.

What’s more, most device ID graph providers deliver cookieless services. They are safe for marketers and they do not rely on 3rd-party cookies that are blocked by e.g. Safari and are going to be blocked also by Google Chrome. In other words, an ID graph can be also a good alternative for targeting users online. But what should you focus on while choosing the right device ID graph provider?

What are the top device graph companies?

There are many companies on the digital ad market offering cross-device id solutions. Here you can find one of the most popular vendors:


One of the world’s largest data providers with its own OnAudience Graph that enables to reach, target and engage the same user on multiple devices and platforms.


Leading provider of ID graph information. Cooperates with one of the world’s largest brands. Offers data to target specific audiences in compliance with privacy laws.

One of the largest cross-device technology providers in Europe. Offers audience data and tools to help marketers reach the right groups in various markets.


Offers identity graph for users from the USA. Their solution is based on 1st and 2nd party data and helps advertisers target users in the post 3rd party cookies world.


LiveRamp provides data and services for the world’s top brands, agencies, and publishers. The company offers data in compliance with privacy issues, which is confirmed by digital market initiatives (e.g. Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA’s) ICON or initiated by Interactive Advertising Bureau).


Offers data about users from all over the world. Their ID management solution allows users to match their first party data with provided audience data to reach users across new platforms and channels.


Provides solutions to over 60 of the top 100 global brands. Allows marketers to enrich their 1st party data by provided audience data to identify customers, build a lookalike audience, or better predict customer behavior.


Connects real-time actions across both online and offline channels and devices with a persistent customer ID.


Tapad is a leader in digital identity resolution solutions. The company works with brands, agencies, and platforms across the world.

How to choose the best device graph vendor?

If you’re looking for an ID graph vendor, try to verify its quality first. It is worth getting information from reputable sources and institutions. For example, you can use the Guidebook published by the IAB. 

What should you focus on? We’ve gathered 7 key points to take into account before starting cooperation. It will help you to verify if the provider is reliable and offers high-quality data in compliance with current privacy rules.

1. Data quality

data quality id management

When it comes to audience data, the quality of digital information is crucial. Try to verify the quality of provided data by checking if the company is reliable (partnerships with global ad tech companies, sources of data, etc.). If the device ID graph vendor is trustworthy, it should provide transparent information about the processing of its data.

Another way to verify the quality of data is by using independent market standards. They can show you if the audience data is better or worse than the mid-market values. One of the most popular verification methods is Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings. 

2. Data privacy

data privacy id graph

Data privacy is one of the hottest topics in digital marketing. Focus on privacy will be extremely important in the following years, so receiving privacy-safe data can be crucial for your company. How to check if the data provider offers data in compliance with privacy laws?

Firstly, check if the company complies with the most important privacy laws. In Europe – GDPR, in the US – CCPA (and CPRA). Usually, companies have a dedicated section where they describe how they comply with the privacy rules – check the OnAudience Privacy section here. If you cannot find this section, ask your data provider about it.

Secondly, make sure if the device ID graph vendor offers a cookieless solution. Big tech companies, such as Apple or Google are blocking third-party cookies, so double-check if your ID graph vendor offers a solution that doesn’t use this type of cookie.

3. Scale

Scale - cross device id management

If we’re talking about cross-device ID management, the scale of data processed by your vendor is crucial. If you are looking for audiences with specific IDs from, for example, the USA – the more you find, the more data your vendor offers. It is really important to take a look at the number – how many profiles, devices, users’ data process your vendor. The more data a company has, the larger the target groups you will find.

4. Use of various IDs (AppNexus, Public IDs, etc.)

IDs in cross-device ID management

If you want to find a group with a specific kind of ID – for example, one of Public IDs, Unified ID 2.0, or others – check if your vendor is able to match your target users with those IDs. If it is not written on the website, contact their team to make clear what types of IDs are you looking for and on which market.

5. Pricing

Pricing cross device id graph

After you have shortlisted your ID graph vendors, simply ask them about the price and compare the offers. Try to choose the best value for a reasonable price. Check the price for your region (e.g. North America), because it could be different than the price for marketers in Europe. Moreover, ask about the scale of unique ID pairs – the more pairs you’ll get the lower price your vendor can offer.

6. Participating in digital market initiatives

Digital marketing initiatives - ID graph

Participating in digital market initiatives run by reliable companies, such as IAB or Nielsen, builds trust. If you are looking for a trusted partner, check what initiatives it supports. You can check if your vendor complies with the TCF 2.0 by IAB Europe or joined the Unified ID 2.0 initiative.

As an example, take a look at a footer on the website.

7. Having a support team

Support team - id management

Having a support team is always a true asset. Vendors have many clients and their team could help you choose the right strategy in selecting your target audience on a specific market. They should be also familiar with the technology and should have the knowledge to advise you which IDs are the best for your company or on which markets you should focus on.

If you are not sure which IDs you should look for or you’re thinking about running campaigns on new markets, contacting a support team is the best way to start. Trustworthy companies have really good teams that play the role of business partners for you. Don’t be afraid to ask them about any aspect of your data cooperation.

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