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DMP For Publishers: 6 Effective Ways To Increase Revenue

26th May 2020

Topic: CRM Enrichment, Data Monetization, DMP
  • Opening new income sources for publishers
  • DMP for publishers: 6 effective use cases
  • Learn more about using a DMP to make profits from data

It’s a common opinion that marketers can gain the most from the Data Management Platform (DMP) – they have direct contact with consumers and can easily sell to them. But how DMP for publishers can be effective on the way to increased revenues and more targeting possibilities offered to advertisers? Let’s clear this point and see 6 ways how the publishers can earn more money with a DMP.

Opening new income sources for publishers

Web publishers are able to react to dynamic traffic situations for both short and long term marketing strategies. As a publisher, you can create new business offers by analyzing your website visitors – what are their interests, current intentions, demography – and creating segments that advertisers are looking for. This way you can intelligently help them meet their potential leads.  

Check what benefits DMP brings for publishers

Within a short perspective, publishers can monetize audience data by licensing segments on Display Side Platforms (DSPs) or proposing to the advertisers accurately created target groups. For long term goals, publishers can use their website traffic for creating behavioral reports about the most important target groups and be prepared for any advertiser’s query. In both cases, DMP is a perfect tool for effective data management. 

DMP enables tracking almost every users’ activity – for example, categories of the articles they read, time spent on the selected pages, or a percentage of scrolled subpages. If you know the needs of your biggest clients, then you can predict what type of target group will be chosen by them. This can be easily done within DMP, as the platform allows creating tailored segments and sharing them with advertisers.

DMP for publishers: 6 effective use cases

It’s worth remembering that a DMP is a tool that requires a respective data strategy to be built. That’s why if the companies are armed with a strong marketing strategy, it’s easy to successfully manage data and create new income channels. Those are 6 the most profitable ways to use DMP for publishers:

1. Make integration with adserver to increase price of your ad inventory

After integration, you can optimize your revenue from direct sales. Operationally, you can increase the price of your ad space on selected websites – for example, those that are the most frequently visited.


2. Invite the marketers to your Private Marketplace (PMP)

A PMP refers to the auction of your ad inventory in an invite-only set up. You can choose which of the advertisers you want to invite and set a higher floor price for impression. 

The additional value for marketers is your new taxonomy or a part of it – accessible only for the invited marketers. Another tactic that will help you attract the attention of marketers is setting lower prices for data in the PMP – a dedicated taxonomy will encourage advertisers to choose your data.


3. Integrate with DSPs to monetize data


After segments are created, you can license them on global DSPs, where the advertisers from the whole world buy data for their campaigns. Thanks to data integration of DMP with different DSPs, data owners can share created segments to the platforms, where they haven’t had access before. This is the easiest way to open a new source of income.  


4. Create behavioral reports


DMP for publishers and the companies can be a source for business insights in the form of automated behavioral reports of the chosen segments, which is a gold mine for the marketers. Thanks to the demography information and interests of the target audience, the publishers can offer to the advertisers an additional value for their ad inventory.

Check what benefits DMP brings for publishers

5. Scale e-commerce solutions and collect data for affiliate marketing

If you own an e-commerce business (online store), you can collect data about your visitors or deliver retargeting campaigns to them. Using DMP, you can also find users with similar attributes that have the best converting users and show them ads. Data can also be gathered with a purpose to enrich user-profiles and improve the efficiency of affiliate marketing.


6. Make integration with external systems (CMS, CRM)

The integration of a DMP with external systems (such as CMS or CRM) allows you creating personalized materials. Published content can be tailored to the users’ interests, and sent to the users from your CRM database. The content will be tailored to their profiles, which comes to the higher efficiency of the marketing actions.

Learn more about using a DMP to make profits from data

DMP for publishers can be as much powerful as your data strategy is. DMP stores compliant data with all regulations being kept. This a great tool to store, organize, and monetize data for many business ideas.

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