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Case Study: a DMP and raw data stream for Web2Metrics

Topic: Case Studies, Data Stream, DMP
  • How to use raw data to enrich users’ profile in call center systems
  • Goal: using raw data to improve marketing
  • Solution: a DMP integrated with Data Stream
  • The results: how to monetize raw data
  • Data Stream: how does it work?

Web2Metrics – a company that provides solutions for call centers – developed a new product based on raw data that is provided as a Data Stream by The growth rate of the new revenue stream achieved up to 400% monthly.

How to use raw data to enrich users’ profile in call center systems

Web2Metrics offers solutions for increasing call center efficiency. One of the company’s product – Persometrics – use knowledge about clients to make personalized conversations.

Web2Metrics needed data about online users’ behavior to prepare detailed profiles. We offered the DMP integrated with the stream of raw data generated by millions of users – Data Stream – to fill the gaps in users’ profiles and know the target audience better.

Our goal was to create reliable profiles of internet users and we needed high-quality data that included various information about online behavior. tailored a DMP technology to our specific needs and the provided raw data helped us achieve great results in conducted campaigns.

Dominik Wałęga, CEO – Web2Metrics

Goal: using raw data to improve marketing

Web2Metrics wanted to improve the efficiency of call center conversations, better predict the client’s needs and tailor the talks to the interlocutor’s personality.

The company needed a raw data about online users collected from an external source to process it by own machine learning algorithms. Modified data was used to enrich users’ profiles gathered in CRM systems with a type of personality by Carl Jung (e.g., introvert/extrovert).

Solution: a DMP integrated with Data Stream

Our team implemented a Data Management Platform to collect all data about clients in one place. We use an individual ID (hash) for every client. It allowed us to match the data about the online activity (cookies) with the client’s CRM systems.

We used Data Stream service – a stream of raw data about Internet users – to provide big data sets that can be analyzed and modeled by the client’s machine learning algorithms. They created behavioral profiles and connected them with one of the types of personalities by Carl Jung.

A data stream was monetized by our client in two ways:

1. Enriching of CRM systems

Thanks to a DMP integrated with Data Stream, Web2Metrics could match the raw data from our database with their clients’ CRM. As a result, they deliver information about the personality of users listed in the company’s system.

enriching data to create custom segments

2. Licensing enriched users’ profiles to global DSPs

Data stream was a source for Web2Metrics to create new audience segments. They received raw data and by using their own machine learning algorithms, analyze users’ behaviour and add information about the psychological profile to processed segments. Ready audience data were licensed to global DSPs and can be purchased by marketers all over the world.

Creating audience segments from raw data - case study

The results: how to monetize raw data

Raw data is a valuable material for data scientists from companies of all sizes. Web2Metrics developed its own algorithms and needed data to make them work. Thanks to a DMP integrated with a stream of data generated by billions of users across the world, they built products that helped them open a new revenue stream. What about the effects?

  • 400% revenue growth monthly
  • 150% forecasted ROI after a three-months period

Data Stream: how does it work?

To learn more how you can use raw data to improve your marketing, check the 5 ways to use Data Stream and see a short video that will explain you how Data Stream works.

To schedule a free demo of Data Stream just book a call.


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