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Black Friday 2019 – stats and tips for digital marketers

12th November 2019

Topic: Data Monetization, Programmatic
  • When is Black Friday 2019?
  • Black Friday Preparations
  • Why Black Friday is the greatest Friday for marketers?

‘Black Friday’ term was used for the first time to describe the chaos after Thanksgiving day, made by tourists and local shoppers. So the retailers decided to make a tradition out of it to have the chaos paid off. Every year this brings more and more profits. During the last Black Friday, online shoppers spent $6.22 billion, which is +23,6% YoY. Check more stats and tips about how to make sure the users’ shopping carts contain your products this year.

When is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday will be celebrated on 29th November this year. You still have time to prepare your unique offer, which would stand out from your competitors’ offers and be ready for big traffic. You can build a personalized message for your future customers and start sending them now. Make an accent on your big price cuts and set a time limit for your offer. Want to go further and achieve more with marketing actions? Get to know your target group well and check what preparations you should do before. 

Black Friday Preparations

We prepared a list of 7 steps to do to be fully prepared for the upcoming Black Friday Rush:

1. Build your strategy.  

Start from creating a data-driven marketing campaign, tailored to your business needs – either it’s your ROI raising, or a customer network expanding, or any other marketing or analytical goal. Find a trustworthy channel of your data – this would be a powerful foundation of the most reliable and successful data strategy.

2. Personalize. 

Feed your user profiles with customers’ current interests and buying intentions and adapt your marketing message respectively. For example, an enriched CRM system brings possibilities to use contextual advertising and to promote a TV set by showing videos with dogs to the dog lover.  

3. Send reminders often.

Do not be annoying, but use the same personalization rule. Divide your target group by using different segmentation rules and find out who needs a “heating” letter to make a purchase, and who buys instantly. Deliver to them tailored content about your products. 

4. Run retargeting campaign. 

There might be users who were watching your products but didn’t buy them eventually. Apply a retargeting campaign and show them complementary products, if they still show buying intentions by looking at similar websites. 

5. Eliminate fraud. 

Companies are forecast to spend $77 billion on mobile in-app advertising this year, and about $26.5 billion will be lost to mobile in-app fraud, says MediaPost. Do not waste your money at frauds, but apply algorithms that detect non-human traffic. Thanks to them you can spend your budget on the actual potential buyers safely. 

6. Set a tracking system.

You need to monitor your success and watch how to make it better. Up-to-date reports allow you to see the results in real-time to take optimization changes as soon as possible. 

7. Go beyond.

Black Friday isn’t the last chance to raise your revenue. So, make sure your customers will remember your product and come back to you for more. 

Why Black Friday is the greatest Friday for marketers?

It’s a perfect opportunity to raise your brand awareness, promote your products and services, sell more and earn more. Look at the numbers from Black Friday last year:

Black Friday statistics 2019

There is no better day than Black Friday to shoot with your weirdest marketing idea because there will be plenty of sellers like you. Nonetheless, it’s your offer that should stand out from the crowd.


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